Betting on the Indianapolis 500

by WagerHome Blog on May 24, 2024

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the best sporting events in the world, and it’s set to take place this weekend. Hundreds of thousands of fans will travel to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in order to watch the big race, and it’s sure to be an exciting day at the track.

Betting on auto racing is something that gets forgotten from time-to-time, but the biggest events always come with some great odds and betting lines. That is going to be the case this weekend as the Indy 500 will create a ton of excitement and energy. 

Instead of sitting back and placing wagers of your own, now is the perfect time to become your own bookie to accept wagers. That’s actually much easier than you would expect, and it would allow you to have this set up before the rest of the big races. 

Here is a look at an Indianapolis 500 preview, and how you can become your own bookie today. 

A Loaded Field

When looking at the field that is set for the 2024 Indianapolis 500, there are a ton of great drivers in the mix. Josef Newgarden is the defending champion of the Indianapolis 500, and he is one of the betting favorites at +500.

Scott McLaughlin is also a betting favorite at +500, and those two are expected to be running together all race long. While those two drivers are deserving of being a betting favorite, there are going to be others pushing hard as well. 

Will Power and Kyle Larson are next on the list at +700, and those are two drivers that have had a ton of success in 2024 already. Power and Larson will be looking to pull off a slight upset by coming up with a big win. 

Not only can you bet, or offer bets, on the outright winner of the Indianapolis 500, but there will be some other betting markets to explore as well. Betting odds on which driver will have the fastest lap will also be available, and that’s another great option to explore. 

Set Up a PPH Site

PPH stands for PayPerHead, and you are going to want to create one of those sites in order to begin your journey into being a bookie. There are going to be other steps as well, but you will have to cross this off your checklist before moving into the other phases. 

Fortunately, is ready to help you get this journey started and they will provide you with a ton of assistance along the way. It’s not that difficult to set up a website on your own, but you want to be able to market it in a way that will attract betting action. 

If you are able to get your site set up, you can then start accepting wagers on the Indianapolis 500 as opposed to making those wagers. There are some other big races coming throughout the year, and this will be a nice test run. 

WagerHome BlogBetting on the Indianapolis 500

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