An In Depth Look At The 2019-20 NBA Future Odds & Betting Options

by WagerHome Blog on October 24, 2019

In looking at the 2019-20 NBA future odds, it is the battle of Los Angeles, as the Clippers (+420) have the best odds to win the title, with the Lakers (+450) not far behind.

The Milwaukee Bucks are at +530 as the team with the best odds to win it all from the Eastern Conference, while last season’s champion, the Toronto Raptors are longshots at +6000. That is not a surprise since one of the reasons the Clippers have the best odds is that they now have Kawhi Leonard, who starred for the Raptors last season.

All in all, the 2019-20 season is pretty wide open in terms of teams that have a legit shot at winning the title. This simply has not been the case for the last several years.

When talking about the 2019-20 NBA future odds, there are quite a few different bets you can take a look at. This is a good thing for anybody with a solid PPH site, such as one you can get at, as you have the chance to offer quite a few futures betting options to your customers.

The more bets you have to offer customers, the more money you can make, so take advantage of all the futures bets available for the NBA this season.

Lots Of Options for NBA future odds

There are team NFA future odds such as: to win the NBA title, the Eastern and Western Conference titles, as well as all of the divisions. There are also several player futures wagers to offer your customers, such as who will win the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, and Rookie of the Year.

If you have a LeBron James or Stephen Curry mega-fan as a customer, then reach out to them and let them know the player futures options available.

Betting on NBA futures can give a massive payout, as the odds can get huge for teams that could be a surprise and come out winning their division or conference. With teams that are not expected to do much, they have huge odds and big payouts if they pull off a shocker.

For example, if you think the Atlanta Hawks will be a massive surprise and win the NBA championship and you bet $10, and they do pull it out, you will walk away with a cool $2,500.

Still, even teams that are seen as contenders can have good payouts as well. The Utah Jazz reloaded and added some key players in the offseason, and they are at +1350 to win it all. With a $10 wager, you pull in $135 if they win the title.

NBA future odds Utah Jazz

Bet Anytime

As a sports bookie with a PPH site, you need to let your customers know all of their betting options for the NBA season, and that includes futures bets. One of the good things about NBA futures bets is that they are available all year, as you can make a bet at any time.

Your customers will have to wait until the end of the season to see if their futures bet is a winning one, but they have betting action for the whole season from a single wager.

There are tons of betting options for the NBA, which is good for you as a PPH site owner. It allows you to offer your customers many betting options, which is advantageous for you, as the more they wager, the more you make.

This goes for the 2019-20 NBA futures bets, which there are many of and can be very enticing for your players with the solid payouts they have.

Click here to inquire more about setting up your own reputable PPH site at! Your players want to see NBA future odds and make these types of bets, so start letting them this NBA season.

WagerHome BlogAn In Depth Look At The 2019-20 NBA Future Odds & Betting Options

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